New website finished Creative Wedding & Portrait Photography in Lancashire & North West England

I have finally finished my new website at my old address Please go and take a look.   The new website is a destination for those who would like creative contemporary wedding and portrait photography in Lancashire and North West England. I have also put links to my fine art shops so you can now be directed to those as well. I wanted a design that was simple but pretty. I started with a prophoto template and sunny california design but the finished website is totally different to the off the peg design I was given!! I am inspired by pretty, vintage, light, simple websites. The website incorporates my new secretgardenphotography logo. I wanted a simple design that shows off my portrait and wedding images and complements my simple but stylish image. Less is more in photography as well as design, in my opinion. I will be posting new work regular so please stop by and have a look for new work and shoots. The new website is still a work in progress, even after endless days and even more cups of tea, it will be a revolving work that will grow & change with my photography & knowledge. I will keep this blog at the moment and it will return to blogging about weddings and style as before! So please keep looking on here as well x


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