An Inspired Workshop – Fine Art Photography in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire

An Inspired Workshop

At Tofte Manor, Sharnbrook

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Here are some previews to the workshop I did yesterday with the talented Sarah Gardner at the beautiful Tofte Manor.  I learned some new things & the environment was so pretty you could not fail to be inspired by all the lovely things Sarah set out for us to use.  Stilllife photography is my main passion, and I am lucky enough to produce artwork that sells which is quite a hard thing to do believe me!  Ask Vincent Van Gogh!  Its not as easy as it looks at all.  My narrative was actually colour & rustic & depth, to put some different colours together like orange and grey, pink and green, blue and orange. This was easy as putting random colours together that nobody else does is a speciality of mine.  You should see my front room!  Here is a mixture of the grey, mauve, pink & purple themed images together. Sarah explained how important it is to use your creativity in a positive way and be slightly more organised than working through random creative thoughts.  I must say that thats what I did before, so this is a new process for me.  I did want to come up with some new images but I did revert back to my own style with some new touches. I am glad I came up with my own thing.  I wouldn’t want to be the same as everyone else of course!  It was wonderful to meet up with some likeminded photographers & share ideas & ways of working. I had a really nice day x


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